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Live Streaming Live Streaming

Main Stage & Dressing Room access. Niche voyeur content at it’s best.

Private Chat Private Chat

Cam to Cam, Pay-per-Minute solution. Stream from in the club or from home.

Make It Rain Make It Rain

ATM dispenser in the ceiling of the Main Stage. Instantaneous click-to-tip.


What our customers are saying.

  • James Kleinhans, 2001 Odyssey

    The smooth transition of adding a simple camera on the Main Stage & Dressing Room has provided a seamless secondary revenue channel without any operational changes. Any club looking to add to their bottom-line shouldn’t think twice about taking their club online.

    - James Kleinhans, 2001 Odyssey

About Us

Take your existing club to the next level utilizing LIVE STREAMING web technology via LV Networks Strip Clubs Online Live Club Cam Solution, the most powerful and easiest streaming tools today.

LV Networks developed the first of its kind unique software solution that takes your existing club LIVE to the web via Internet streaming! Allowing you to offer your club’s Main-Stage to a Worldwide Viewing Audience, providing club ownership a paying Monthly Membership Base! Plus additional income centers created for your entertainers such as real time Online Tips to Stage, Online Triggered Make it Rain & Live Chat. While taking a break from the normal club routine, entertainers can perform to this newfound worldwide audience, with no disruptions to your existing operation. 24 hours per day additional revenue online from your existing facility. That’s not all. You also earn money 24/7 with Video-On-Demand clips that are instantly recorded each time an entertainer produces a new private chat performance! All of the above direct from a basic tab added to your club’s existing or new website!

Entertainers receive revenue directly from LV Networks Inc. (not your club entity), via Checks, Direct Deposit or upload to LV Networks Debit Cards issued to each individual Entertainer. Clubs Do Not Pay the Entertainers. Entertainers complete all required 2257 and sub contract agreements direct with LV Networks via our online sign up process. All club earnings are separate from the entertainer’s earnings and are paid directly to your club entity via direct deposit from LV Networks via a Service Provider Agreement.

LV Networks' software is customized to meet or exceed each specific clubs needs. With our quick set up software package, your club instantly enters the profitable world of Strip Club Cams & Adult Web Chat via our Live Video Streaming Solution with the confidence of a web pro. Utilize this extremely simplified Live Strip Club software solution so your LIVE Cams can be up and operational within hours of your camera installation. LV Networks Live Strip Club™ webcam software solution was developed by our top level Internet live streaming and software specialist team, with added input, direction and advice from some of the leading Adult Gentlemen’s Club and Strip Club owners, operators and legal firms. Start your LIVE Video & Chat Streaming venture today. Live strip clubs online offer instant live cam action to the world, and LV Networks is the industries first and only choice!


Club Benefits

  • Added revenue 24/7 via memberships & video rentals.
  • Added revenue to keep entertainers happy.
  • Added online club presence.
  • Improved physical club marketing – allowing customers to see the main-stage and dressing room; allowing your club to have advantage over other clubs in the same market.
  • Low cash outlay quickly recovered via immediate added revenue.
  • Basic setup required: you install the cameras we spec and our team does the rest.
  • Club’s main-stage and dressing room are featured to a World Wide Recurring Paying Audience.
  • Clubs directly monitor money spent online by viewers.
  • Make it Rain on your main-stage triggered by online patrons.

Entertainer Benefits:

  • Added entertainer revenue during all hours of operation plus from home.
  • Numerous added sources of revenue for entertainers from private chat sessions, electronic main stage tips and Make It Rain.
  • Entertainers become capable to provide virtual personal experience with their customers and recurring revenue members.
  • Entertainer sees credits online patrons have, allowing more capability for maximum tips.
  • Entertainer earn revenue from patrons all across the world.
  • Entertainer can be accessed 24 hours a day worldwide with our in-home studio feature.

Patron Benefits:

  • Patrons access the club virtually.
  • Patrons maintain a virtual relationship with their favorite entertainers.
  • Patrons gain the convenience to view their favorite entertainer Live from you Main Stage from home or via all mobile devices.
  • Patrons Make it Rain or Tip your main-stage entertainer via all mobile devices while at your location or from anywhere else in the world.
  • Patrons are in touch with when their favorite entertainer is available in the club to visit.
  • Patrons 24hr per day access to view VOD of their favorite entertainer.

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